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Caring for our community one patient at a time since 1985


LifeMed was certified by the Indiana EMS Commission on February 14, 1985 and completed its first patient transport three days later. Originally located on South Wabash Street in Wabash, a second base was opened in North Manchester in June at the request of a local funeral home that had provided ambulance service for several decades, but wanted to discontinue the service.

At that time North Manchester's other funeral home continued to offer ambulance service until selling that part of its business to LifeMed in 1989. By that time LifeMed had secured a contract with the Wabash County Commissioners for a whopping $12,000 per year. Also in that year, LifeMed became the county's first Advanced EMT Provider. The Wabash Fire Department, the county's only other ambulance service, followed suit shortly thereafter.

At the advanced EMT level LifeMed EMTs could now defibrillate and start IV's but were still unable to administer medications or provide other life-saving interventions that were available to paramedic providers. Discussions with Wabash County Hospital and area physicians, including R. B. Mernitz, LifeMed's Medical Director at the time, were begun in 1992 and on February 17, 1993 LifeMed was certified as Wabash County's first paramedic ambulance service.

LifeMed was the only Paramedic Provider operating in the county for seven years until the Wabash Fire Department added paramedic service in 2000. In 1995, in response to the needs of many of the area's extended care facilities, LifeMed added wheelchair and ambulatory transportation to its list of services offered.

Where We Are Today

We are the sole provider of 911 EMS services for North Manchester and Chester and Pleasant Townships in Wabash County as well as Silver Lake, Sidney and Lake, Jackson and southern Seward Townships in Kosciusko County. We also provide paramedic intercept services to parts of Seward and Franklin Townships in Kosciusko County.

In addition to 911 services LifeMed provides non-emergent stretcher, wheelchair and ambulatory medical transportation and Hospital to Hospital transfers for several area medical facilities.

Our staff includes Basic and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Medical Transportation Specialists. These staff members fill eighteen full-time and about twenty part-time and as-needed positions.

Since April 1, 2006 Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne has been LifeMed's Supervising Hospital. Scott Mann, MD, an Emergency Department physician at Lutheran, assumed the position of LifeMed's Medical Director in October 2015.

LifeMed now operates three ambulances and a paramedic non-transport unit out of bases in North Manchester and Silver Lake.




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